It's Not About The Bag

Through our It’s Not About the Bag program, we’re on a mission to celebrate women who impact the world in positive ways through their service, strength, kindness, tenacity, humor, and love. With your nominations, we’ll gift women Consuela bags to both celebrate AND remind them of the good they bring to all of us as we journey through life.

Meet the Viva Babes



Ingrid creates magic as an education director, teacher, mom, friend, liaison, and advocate for people with disabilities.

Ingrid lives in Greenfield, Massachusetts, and was nominated by her former team member, Viva Babe Jenny. Jenny says, “I met Ingrid when she was my boss (principal/director) of a therapeutic school for kids with diverging special needs that ranged from mental health, learning disabilities, and major trauma that impacted their ability to learn in a regular public school setting. Ingrid made magic happen with young people and the staff that worked with her. With young people who were in and out of juvenile detention centers, bouncing around foster care, and generally experiencing oppression in every sector of their lives, Ingrid unlocked the ability to teach them how to empower themselves and teach others how to do the same.”

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