Let’s set the Consuela-bration stage. Nicole, a Special Education Behavior Teacher at a Riojas Elementary school in Pflugerville, Texas, was elated as she walked into the music room surrounded by her fellow Special Education (SPED) teachers and our Consuela crew cheering her on as our next Viva Babe! Paula-Rae, the music teacher, nominated her saying, “Nicole has one of the hardest jobs in a school, behavior support, the kids that need the most love through difficult behavior. She is the one person in their life that shows up every day to prove to these students that someone is there for them and that they are worth everything.”

After Nicole’s joyous celebration, another BIG surprise followed; Every teacher on the SPED team was nominated, selected, and honored as one of our Viva Babes! So please also welcome Janelle, Taylor, Megan, and Jennifer to our amazing tribe of ridiculously awesome women! Each of these Viva Babes has their remarkable qualities that reflect the traits of an incredible SPED teacher, including calmness, nurturing, joyful, multi-tasking, dependable, and loving, to name a few.⁠⠀

So, without further ado, we launch the confetti cannon and cheer on this incredible team of women. Thank you for all you do to lift the lives of your students every day!