It's Not About The Bag

Through our It’s Not About the Bag program, we’re on a mission to celebrate women who impact the world in positive ways through their service, strength, kindness, tenacity, humor, and love. With your nominations, we’ll gift women Consuela bags to both celebrate AND remind them of the good they bring to all of us as we journey through life.



Nominate somone who inspires you-maybe she's strong and brave. Perhaps she's creative and hilarious. Maybe she's overcome difficult circumstances or has helped you through your own. Whoever the woman, whatever her story, we want to hear it!

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Meet the Viva Babes



Rebecca is a civil engineering trailblazer as the owner of the firm, Guy Engineering. Her journey is a testament to her determination and showcases her as not only an accomplished engineer but an inspiring leader. Rebecca's influence extends globally as she volunteers aiding in flood-related engineering projects for impacted countries. Meeting her now-husband through one of these missions, she also recently welcomed a new addition to her family.

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