Cecilia is a Chaired Professor of Sociology at UCLA and was nominated by fellow Viva Babe, University of Texas Professor, Lori. They met at a professional conference where they “immediately connected as sisters, and her warmth, huge smile, classy dress, bold accessories, and her humble brilliance all poured out”, Lori shares. Her work as a sociologist focuses on the effects of immigration laws and gender-based violence in Central America. Cecilia has authored/co-authored four groundbreaking books, holds leadership roles in several national organizations and is the recipient of numerous prestigious professional awards. Cecilia is a dedicated mentor and an inspiration to women in her midst, both students and faculty alike.
While these amazing professional feats are worthy of all the praise and recognition, her beautiful positivity and contagious zest for life is the icing on the cake! She radiates and shares her light with unmatched energy. So, for all of Cecilia’s awesomeness, we are throwing a virtual dance party, a Consuela-bration in her honor!