"Where did you get that bag?!"

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Sadie Downtown Crossbody

I'm so in love with this bag. It is excellent quality, it's beautifully made, and one of the best purchases I have made in the way of accessories.


Gem Classic Tote

I LOVE my first Consuela bag! I've gotten tons of compliments. I can dress this up but also super cute with jeans. Fast and friendly customer service. I'm hooked for life! :)

Vonnie V.

Valentina Your Way Bag

Great Size! I feel like Goldilocks just found the perfect purse. Not too big and not too small. I really like how you can move the straps around!

Wendy M.

Lola Everyday Tote

I really enjoy my bag, since I am active I am not afraid to carry it around without worrying that it will get damaged. It is so fun that the design catches people's eye.

Brenda C.

Sophie Train Case

Perfect cosmetic case. Finally, a case that, not only functions, but is beautiful to look at!

Monica P.

Blue Jag Wristlet Wallet

This is a great mom-on-the-run bag. I stick it in my Consuela tote and just pull the wristlet out when I'm running into a store. Gotten lots of compliments!

Gwen O

Flynn Hobo

I love the hobo style. It has tons of room and is easy to get in and out of. I had a solid leather hobo before this one and loved it. It is fashionable and usable. Consuela makes great purses that fit me and my needs.

Leah M

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