Our proprietary ConsuelaCloth™ fabric is a durable, vibrant material meant to stand up to anything life throws, and wipe away cleanly to face another day. Inspired by traditional Mexican oilcloth, ConsuelaCloth™ was developed in 2013 and took years to perfect. We wanted to have bright, vibrant colors shine through in our prints, a material durable and flexible enough to construct bags and small accessories, and we wanted it to be wipeable and resistant to spills.

Our partners in Mexico who developed this now laugh and tell stories about how hard and difficult the process of development was because they had never worked with a company so thorough or specific, especially regarding color. We even had to come up with a new vocabulary to define vibrancy and saturation levels.

On a recent trip to the facility, one of our team members who was there in the very beginning remarked about how challenging it was, but how fun it is now and how proud he is of the work.

It was and continues to be a labor of love. We hope you feel it and enjoy it with us!


We love hearing how our customers confidently carry our bags and accessories made with ConsuelaCloth™, knowing they are easy to clean and designs they love to wear.

ConsuelaCloth™ Care Tips
For light messes like dust or everyday exposure, wipe your ConsuelaCloth™ with a damp cloth or wet disinfecting wipes and dry thoroughly with a paper towel.

Stickier situation? Use a non-scratch sponge with soapy water to remove sticky stains from sugary spills or candy. Use either dish-washing detergent or clothes detergent to clean. Hand and body soaps usually have oils or lotions that can leave a film on the bag.

Our ConsuelaCloth™ fabric is a result of years of development. Consuela set out to create a vibrantly beautiful material that could be used as the primary material for bags and accessories. This resulted in a unique multi-step process, including color accuracy, material reinforcement, durability testing, and ensuring adaptability to a wide range of silhouettes in bags and accessories.
Making ConsuelaCloth™ involves many trained professionals from quality control technicians, color experts, sample makers, and dedicated craftspeople. The product we bring our customers, paired with the job opportunities it creates, is a source of pride for our Consuela team in Mexico and Austin.