Stephanie R.

Congratulations to our newest Consuela Viva Babe, Stephanie! During the end-of-the-year staff awards celebration at Jack & Winnie Mae Murchison Elementary School, the library erupted in joy as Kinzie, her team, and Stephanie's husband, armed with shakers, paraded in to present her with the Consuela Viva Babe Award. Her surprise and delight were genuinely heartwarming!

Stephanie, a dedicated 4th-grade teacher specializing in language arts and social studies, is a beacon of passion and enthusiasm for learning. She believes wholeheartedly that reading opens doors and strives to instill this love in her students. While undergoing chemo treatment, Stephanie found immense joy in her work, drawing strength from her students' pure, unfiltered emotions. Their genuine curiosity and feelings helped her navigate challenging times, and she remained steadfast in her commitment to them.

One 5th-grade student, Braylee, who was unexpectedly diagnosed with terminal cancer, was profoundly inspired by Stephanie's positivity, bravery, and courage.  When she learned about the Viva Babe Award, honoring women making a positive impact in the world, she was immediately inspired to nominate Stephanie. In collaboration with her mom (Kinzie), they submitted the nomination. 

Stephanie draws inspiration from her mother, who always seeks the bright side of things—a mindset Stephanie has embraced. Her life mantra, "Sometimes when you have big feelings, there are little things you can do to help manage those big feelings," resonates deeply. She replenishes her spirit by spending time outdoors, reading, baking, enjoying family moments, and laughing.

Although Braylee could not be with us during the Viva Babe celebration, we all felt her spirit and warmth through the faculty's smiles and heartfelt reactions when the nomination was read. "Braylee was such a bright light, and I feel honored that she saw me as a source of positivity. She was an inspiration to me as well," Stephanie shared.

Congratulations, Consuela Viva Babe Stephanie! Thank you for being a shining example of positivity and dedication. Cheers to you!