Kirby M.

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you
Congratulations, Viva Babe Kirby! When her fellow board member and friend, Liz, invited her to their favorite coffee shop, Kirby walked in thinking a Consuela raffle was happening. Liz encouraged her to look more closely. To her surprise, it wasn't a raffle but her name on the certificate, honoring her with the Viva Babe award!
Just a week before, Kirby wrapped up leading the Miss Island Queen Pageant, an event she founded that raised $125,000 this year to support Samuel's House. This incredible annual pageant combines a one-night amateur drag talent competition with a good cause. Samuel's House provides a safe haven for women, children, and families facing homelessness, with a mission to restore hope and empower individuals to rebuild their lives. Kirby and Liz proudly serve on the board of Samuel's House together.
"Kirby is a light to so many in our small community! She jumped in with both feet when she decided to open an upscale women's clothing resale shop, which has since evolved into a boutique offering both resale and new items. She has created a space to empower women to look and feel their best," shared Liz, her friend and nominator.
Despite juggling her own business, being a mother of three, and being a wife, Kirby recently co-founded a women's professional support group in Key West. This group empowers women to strive for their best by sharing resources, support, and advice.
Her favorite quote is, "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." Balance is a cornerstone of her life now. After becoming sober three years ago, her community service has soared. Sobriety has allowed her to show up 100% in every aspect of her life, and she has also taken up yoga. Inspired by her dad, her best friend, and a resilient person, she pushes through whatever life throws her, always finding another door to open.
Kirby, you are a ridiculously awesome woman! Today, we celebrate you! Congratulations!