Avaloy L.

all things with humor
Congratulations to our newest Viva Babe, Avaloy! While enjoying a delicious beet salad at Roots, her daughter Aubrey excused herself to grab something from the car. To Avaloy's surprise, Aubrey returned with a large pink bag, surprising her with the Viva Babe Award! She was blown away as the Consuela bags' vibrant colors are a joyful reminder of her hometown in Texas.

Avaloy's dedication to her work is deeply personal. She draws inspiration from the resilient victims of crime she works with daily, finding hope in their victories and strengths. With a spirited blend of fight and activism, she continues to make a profound impact as the Executive Director at NewStory Center. Inspired by her mother's "hippie friends," Avaloy has always been a vocal advocate, using her passion to help shape policies and support victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

"Beyond her commitment to NewStory Center and our community, my mom is also my biggest cheerleader. From never missing a game to guiding me through the college application process with unwavering belief, her love and support knows no bounds. Her laugh is huge, she's an amazing cook, and she is an unapologetic champion of those in need, making her my 'shero,'" shared Aubrey, her daughter and nominator.

Her life mantra is "all things with humor." She believes that laughter can get us through anything, a belief that resonates deeply in her life. She finds joy in collaborating with the amazing women at work, spending time with her daughter, and cooking – especially Indian food and her beloved beans and cornbread.

Avaloy embodies compassion, resilience, and advocacy. Despite her battle with cancer, she remains a beacon of strength and hope, showing us all what it truly means to fight and never give up. Her dedication to her team and community is unwavering, making her a ridiculously awesome Viva Babe!

Congratulations, Avaloy! Your unwavering spirit and boundless compassion inspire us all.