Alicia S.

Do for others and not expect anything in return
Let's give a resounding round of applause and a warm welcome to our newest Viva Babe, Alicia! Nominated by her daughter-in-law, Kortney, Alicia was stunned when she was presented with the Viva Babe award at a heartwarming family dinner. Her life mantra, "Do for others and not expect anything in return," epitomizes her boundless generosity and kind-hearted spirit.
Alicia draws profound inspiration from her parents, who instilled in her the timeless value of sharing talents and knowledge with others. Her unwavering dedication to helping those around her, from her family to her broader community, shines through in her everyday actions.
With over two decades of experience in education, Alicia's commitment to her role as an educator and diagnostician is commendable. She juggled obtaining her master's degree while working full-time, showcasing her remarkable determination and unyielding drive for excellence.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Alicia's selflessness and compassionate nature have profoundly impacted her family and community. Whether assisting at her husband's small business, offering tutoring services, or simply cherishing quality moments with her beloved grandkids, Alicia's actions have endeared her to everyone fortunate to know her.
Alicia's unwavering support and boundless love have been a constant source of strength for her daughter-in-law during challenging times, especially as she navigated the joys and trials of new motherhood. Alicia's presence and care have left a positive mark, and her willingness to go above and beyond is truly inspiring.
And Alicia, we couldn't be more thrilled to hear about your upcoming adventure in Las Vegas! May your new Consuela bags add an extra touch of style and joy to your next trip. Here's to you, Alicia, and many more cherished moments ahead!