Sonia T.

Put out good things in the universe because you get good things back
Celebrating our Newest Viva Babe, Sonia! It was a busy day at work, with the phones ringing and the office bustling with clients. Little did Sonia know that her colleagues, led by Ellen, had a special surprise in store for her. With a delicious Chantilly cake in hand—Sonia's favorite—they presented her with the Viva Babe award. The surprise was complete, and Sonia was filled with joy and gratitude.
Sonia's daily dedication and compassion have a profound impact on the lives of those she cares for at a state psychiatric facility, where she supports individuals with serious mental illnesses. Her colleague and nominator, Ellen, shared, "Every day, Sonia goes above and beyond to ensure each patient feels seen, cared for, and valued. She often volunteers for extra shifts to ensure patients can see their families, even during visitation overtime."
Whether giving a client lotion for their cracked hands or a new shirt, Sonia believes in treating each client with the same kindness she would extend to her family members. Her guiding principle is her favorite quote: "Put out good things in the universe because you get good things back." Sonia lives by these words through her actions and dedication at work.
Sonia draws inspiration from her mother, who she describes as one of the kindest and most positive people she knows. "I have great respect for my mom. She is always in a good mood and strongly encourages and supports our family." Sonia's Mexican heritage and her family's move from Mexico to Colorado and eventually to South Texas play a significant role in her life and values.
Over the summer, Sonia looks forward to using her new Consuela bags, especially as she celebrates her cousins' graduations next week. Sonia, your grace, kindness, and dedication make you an outstanding Viva Babe. We are incredibly proud to celebrate you and your remarkable contributions!