Adelaide A.

Grace upon grace
Congratulations to our newest Viva Babe, Adelaide! After school, her close teacher friends surprised her with the Viva Babe award and gifts. This year marks Adelaide's 20th year as a teacher, and she describes teaching as a calling: "Either you have it or you don't." Your incredible positive impact on your students and peers proves you 100% have it!

"Adelaide has made countless lives better, including mine. Dedicating her life to empowering children with special needs is truly inspiring. She has taught in Killeen and Frisco over her two decades in education, and her passion is awe-inspiring," shared Mara, her friend and nominator.

Adelaide is a master relationship builder, communicating effectively with even the most challenging students and adults. Her kindness and dedication extend beyond the classroom—she and her family started a scholarship in Ghana in honor of her grandmother. Adelaide often prioritizes others' needs over her own, a true embodiment of selflessness. She maintains connections with many former students and parents, finding joy in their success stories.

Adelaide grew up in Ghana, where she was raised by her grandmother, who taught her to make each day a new opportunity to bring joy to others. Originally aspiring to be a journalist, her path changed when Dr. Allen, her education professor, inspired her. Dr. Allen encouraged her to work with children with autism, sparking Adelaide’s passion for special education.

Her best-loved phrase, "Grace upon grace," encapsulates her approach to life and her unwavering belief in each person's potential. Her favorite quote, "This too shall pass," reflects her resilience and positivity: "The storm is not always going to be here; there is always sunshine."

Adelaide, your kindness, compassion, and dedication have touched the lives of so many. Thank you for being a bright light for your students and colleagues. We celebrate you and your incredible 20-year journey!