Kendra D.L.G

All it takes is one person to make a difference, why not me?
Congratulations to our newest Viva Babe, Kendra! Kendra, a beacon of dedication and love, was joyfully surprised by her husband Danny while sweating in the warehouse with volunteers and their two wonderful kids, sorting books for the upcoming South Texas Literacy Coalition event.

Kendra's journey is inspiring! From her humble beginnings, where reading was her oasis, to becoming the South Texas Literacy Coalition president, her story is a testament to the transformative power of education. She was once an intern 12-14 years ago, then a board member, and now leads the organization with unwavering passion.

Her commitment to literacy is unparalleled. Through city festivals and parades, Kendra and her team distribute up to 100,000 books a year, including 6,000 books at the Christmas parade, creating moments where kids experience the joy of holding their own book for the first time.

As a teacher, Kendra's impact extends far beyond the classroom. Her sponsorship of the National Honor Society at her high school, where 140 students each complete 50 volunteer hours, has positively impacted the Rio Grande Valley. Their work, recognized with a One Star award from Governor Abbott, is a testament to the power of community service.

Kendra's mantra, "All it takes is one person to make a difference, why not me?" resonates deeply with her students, inspiring them to be the change-makers of tomorrow. Her dedication is reflected in her students' success stories, who continue volunteering and making a difference long after graduation.

Her husband and nominator, Danny, shared, "Beyond her professional commitments, Kendra is an incredible mother to our two kids. Her selflessness and relentless drive to support her students and community, often using her own resources to provide for those in need."

Kendra, you truly deserve this recognition. Your servant’s heart and ridiculously awesome efforts have touched countless lives. Congratulations, Viva Babe Kendra!