Eva R.

Don't ever take anything for granted
We are overjoyed to honor Eva, Baty Elementary School's incredibly impactful Community Liaison. Her 30-year tenure has been a source of inspiration and positivity on their campus. Last Friday, she was pleasantly surprised when Katie shared that all the cheering was for her as she was presented with the Viva Babe award, a testament to her servant leadership, kindness, and unwavering dedication, which have touched countless lives.

Eva has collaborated with the Junior League of Austin for 15 years, working on impactful programs like Coats for Kids and Food In Tummies (FIT). Every Friday, Eva is instrumental in the operational execution, ensuring that students receive backpacks filled with nutritious food through the FIT program, a lifeline for many families in our diverse community. To date, 500,000 food bags have been provided. Katie and the Junior League of Austin FIT program joyfully nominated Eva for this award.

Eva’s journey with Baty Elementary spans nearly three decades, beginning when her daughter entered kindergarten. A cornerstone of her work has been providing families with vital support and fostering a sense of unity and belonging. Her unwavering dedication extends beyond school hours, as she spearheads after-school programs, lends a compassionate ear, and brings immeasurable joy to countless lives.

When asked about her inspiration, Eva shared, "I grew up in Austin and love this community. This community sticks together, and I've seen great-great-grandkids come through here. It's great networking with partners and connecting with our families."

Her life mantra, "Don't ever take anything for granted," reflects her dedication to making every moment count. Whether helping a young Selena fan participate in a graduation ceremony or advocating for families in need, Eva's spirit shines through in everything she does.

Eva, thank you for your boundless energy, compassion, and commitment to our community. You embody the true spirit of the Viva Babe award, and we are so proud to celebrate you!