Christina E

It is those women behind the scenes that keep the trains running and the plates spinning who are the most powerful
"It is those women behind the scenes that keep the trains running and the plates spinning who are the most powerful." - Christina's cousin and nominator, Amanda.
Christina Elbitar is a HERO and one of those women who gracefully keeps things moving when everyone else is trying to figure out where step one is located. She is humble in her abilities to manage three separate and distinct businesses (a restaurant, a residential real estate developer/flipper, and an accountant), keeps a household, AND is an amazing foster mom of two very rambunctious toddlers who contribute so much joy to her household. Christina owns Café Chadra with her husband, Chef Nehme Elbitar. They have been in business for over 20 years, surviving a major recession and barely escaping the pandemic. She has kept them afloat by adapting to change, creatively utilizing their resources, and caring for her staff like family. She has a very nurturing spirit and is always available for her employees and their families.
She also not only takes care of the administrative side of their businesses, including all the accounting and pitch hitting as a cook, but she still makes time to volunteer and mentor young Latinas preparing for college! As a volunteer for over a decade with the Hispanic Women's Network of Texas – FW. Christina co-created the Latinas in Progress program, a group mentoring program for Latina high school seniors in Tarrant County! The year-long program walks students through the college admissions process, financial aid, and life skills. As a Latina entrepreneur, Christina shows these young women who they can become with perseverance and grace. Additionally, Christina is a board member of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She freely gives her time to young entrepreneurs to help guide them through the several hurdles of city permitting and owning a business. The number of individuals Christina has blessed in her life is abundant, and she deserves the recognition!
Last but certainly top of the list is that Christina and her husband Nehme became foster parents two years ago! It takes a special set of people to care for children full-time who need so much care and love. They have done this without question or doubt and with so much love in their hearts. The amount of training sessions, testing, and interviews it takes to become a foster parent is rigorous. Still, they never gave up, and Christina is the most amazing foster mom alongside her husband, who is equally fantastic! The love they provide to these children is beyond compare!
Christina - We are so honored to celebrate you today and share how inspirational you are. Your selflessness, work ethic, commitment, and LOVE are Ridiculously Awesome!