Pedro Hernández, Pátzcuaro, Michoacán

Our paper mâché products are hand-made by artisans in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, by a cooperative led by artist Pedro Hernández. Pedro started his paper mâché workshop 37 years ago. Paper mâché was used more than a hundred years ago to create Alebrijes, dreamlike creatures which combine animal shapes with colors, textures, and incredible forms.

“The elements I use to make my sculptures and art objects are the same used by the original school of paper mache originated by the master Pedro Linares the creator of “Cartoneria” technique: craft paper, paste flour, glue, acrylic paint, newspaper, anilines, mass of newsprint, wire, white from Spain, water. The importance is to bring these materials to life” - Pedro Hernandez
Pedro aims to transform everyday environments with his art. His art objects bring joy, color, and optimistic energy through his inspiration from animals and nature. Pedro’s philosophy is to transform neutral environments through his art sculptures, rich with a multitude of colors and textures, and the power to change everyone’s spirits.


We take pride and joy in honoring the culture and people we are so fortunate to know. As we continue to build these relationships, we advocate for cultural preservation and further our commitment to meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with artist communities. Our partnerships with these independent Mexican businesses and artists include prioritizing their long-term growth, recognizing their traditions, and contributing to their cultural protection.

Meet the artisans working with Consuela across different techniques, including chaquira beadwork, weaving, and embroidery.

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