Esther Mendoza, San Gabriel Chilac, Puebla

The roots of this iconic embroidery run deep in the culture of San Gabriel Chilac, Puebla. It involves many in the community who practice this art through sewing, weaving, or drawing. Esther and the community of artists in San Gabriel Chilac, Puebla, support each other by mentoring those learning, collaborating with those who specialize in specific crafts, and creating work that beautifully represents their artistry.

San Gabriel Chilac's embroidery process brings families and the whole town together. The process begins with the stamping of fabrics using molds that have been passed down through generations. The stamped fabrics are passed to those who embroider and sew the pieces together.
Embroidery is an expression of creativity and happiness for this community. The artists enjoy bringing colors together and making unique variations of their designs through different color combinations.


As part of our commitment to honoring artists, we've partnered with the community of San Gabriel Chilac for an upcoming collection featuring their hand embroidery. This partnership positively impacts their community through job creation and allows the preservation of traditional techniques handed down through generations.

Meet the artisans working with Consuela across different techniques, including chaquira beadwork, weaving, and paper mâché.

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