Maurilio Renteria, State of Jalisco, Mexico

Maurilio is an innovator – he learned chaquira techniques from his father at the age of 5 and started his own workshop at the age of 23. He has studied Communication Sciences and performed social services at the state government of Jalisco. He is a father, husband, and artist who is committed to the preservation and well-being of Wixárika artists.

Chaquira charms are made with hand-carved wooden figurines, where the beads are glued one by one with an adhesive. This technique is very time-consuming but allows for beautifully intricate designs. Maurilio is part of artisan conferences where different practices are shared with the goal to educate, promote, and preserve traditions.
"When we make these figures, for cultural practice, we meditate. As we have integrated our techniques into new designs, we separate the ritual symbolism. We still manifest and hope that the beauty will be enjoyed by whoever holds it." - Maurilio Renteria


As part of our commitment to honoring artists, we've partnered with the community of San Gabriel Chilac for an upcoming collection featuring their hand embroidery. This partnership positively impacts their community through job creation and allows the preservation of traditional techniques handed down through generations.

Meet the artisans working with Consuela across different techniques, including chaquira beadwork, weaving, and paper mâché.

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