Wendy M

Clear is kind & Just show up
We are so thrilled to welcome our new Viva Babe Wendy!  She is one of the most generous, authentic, kind, funny, and stylish women who happens to also be celebrating a milestone birthday! To mark her special occasion, she joined her niece on a road trip cross-country from Vermont to Seattle. They arrived just in time to celebrate her birthday with her mother, who is in assisted living.  Wendy usually would fly, but when she heard that her niece had to drive across the country alone, she decided to join her for bonding time, a new coast-to-coast driving experience, and her ulterior motive, to make the journey safer and less lonely for someone she loves. 
Wendy’s nominator, a long-time friend said: “This is the kind of person Wendy Jenne is. Whether she is organizing meal deliveries for a member of her small community who has just suffered a loss, rearranging everything to be there for her young adult daughters when they need a helping hand or an empathetic ear, or just being there for a friend to encourage with a selfless heart.  She embodies the spirit of giving back, always asking how she can help.” 
Wendy and her friend shared that together they have learned that getting older seems to be a constant balancing act of simultaneously embracing and letting go; of acknowledging that no one has it figured out, though we must always keep trying. Despite the unknowns, they are there for each other.  And Wendy, always available with an outstretched hand and a shoulder to cry on when needed.  More importantly, these friends expressed they end all things with laughter to punctuate this wacky, wonderful ride we call life. 
So, how does Wendy make the world ridiculously awesome? Just by being in it.
Wendy’s favorite words from Brene Brown: “Clear is kind.” and “Just show up.”