Victoria P

One day at a time
One summer day in 2022, a lovely expecting mommy of two (ages 10 and 5) delivered a healthy beautiful baby boy and spent the first 5 months of her newborn's life in hospitals. Less than a week after giving birth to her 3rd child, Victoria walked into the hospital with a severe headache that would not go away. In less than 24 hours, Victoria suffered a stroke. After a month in the ICU wing for brain trauma, she was moved to a different acute care facility where she then spent 4 additional months at inpatient rehabs developing basic life skills in a wheelchair.

Victoria, who is also an amazing teacher, was determined to contribute as much as possible to her classroom once school started in August. Making plans for the sub, attending meetings, and training virtually while simultaneously working in the rehab gym to complete OT & PT goals. She sent videos and school assignments to her students, communicated with them through school emails, and even filmed herself demonstrating new math skills for the sub to show her students. All while lying in an ICU hospital bed.

Victoria’s husband and nominator shared: “There is not a single person in this world that deserves a life-changing event such as the one my wife is faced with. Paralysis from the chest down is challenging enough, but to have a newborn baby and be hospitalized for the first 5 months of his life would ruin the spirit of most individuals. Not my wife. Every day she worked as hard as she could at rehab to do everything a new mother looks forward to with their new baby. She has inspired me to be a better human. People constantly tell her how inspired they are by her strength and work ethic. All her focus has been on working as hard as possible to return home to her family and students. To sum it all up, in the last 9 months, my wife has been the most inspirational person in the entire world.”

She had a successful return home in October; and in January, her continued determination and tenacity brought her back to her classroom and students! 

Wonderful Mom, Wife, Teacher, and Ridiculously Awesome Viva Babe. 
Victoria’s Mantra - “One day at a time.”