Vicki lives in Austin and was nominated by her long-time friend, Amy. Amy says, “I have known Vicki for 25 years- she is SO worthy of your company’s positive spirit. She has had a tumultuous life- but NEVER wavered from her ridiculously positive approach. She is the friend who makes a delicious and beautiful homemade cupcake tree for your birthday. Try to do something for her and she will make it about you.”

Vicki experienced devastating loss earlier this year. The love of her life and husband of 20 years, Alex, was diagnosed with COVID in March. Vicki nursed him through while she too was battling the illness. He recovered and went back to work. Tragically, two months later he passed away suddenly due to complications.

“She is the glue that keeps her family together, but nobody could hug or comfort her due to the risks to her at-risk family members. She received many condolences on Facebook, and true to her caring nature she turned around and comforted others,” Amy says. Amy continues, “Vicki has one daughter and one grandchild- as if life hadn’t dealt her more than she could bear- her beloved 9-year-old grandson began experiencing seizures and migraines only to require brain surgery for a tumor. Her grandson is healing, and I’m sure Vicki is healing, too. I can’t think of a more deserving Viva Babe out there. Maintaining positivity, celebrating life, and caring for others above herself!”.

We wholeheartedly agree! Vicki is remarkable and deserves the greatest ovation. Vicki, we applaud your tenacity and your beautiful, bright light!