Una B.

Congratulations to our newest Viva Babe, Una! Una's extraordinary journey of dedication, compassion, and lifelong learning shines brightly as she receives the well-deserved recognition as a Viva Babe. Her incredible commitment to reaching students who are deaf by learning American Sign Language (ASL) and teaching them vital skills at McAllen ISD is genuinely inspiring. From ASL to hygiene and practical skills, Una's dedication knows no bounds.
What sets Una apart is her foresight and resourcefulness in addressing the most challenging cases, including students with no communication ability and deaf students new to the United States. With kindness, compassion, and a remarkable sense of humor, Una navigates these challenges gracefully, leaving a ridiculously awesome impact on those she serves.
Nominated by her dear friend Monica, Una was overwhelmed with surprise and joy when she received the Viva Babe award one Saturday afternoon, surrounded by her loving family and friends. As a single parent who raised two accomplished children, she is extremely grateful for the tremendous support her parents were in raising her children. She pursued her own educational journey later in life; Una embodies resilience and dedication.
Una's commitment to lifelong learning is evident as she continues to study to become a certified Board for Evaluation of Interpreters (BEI) during her golden years. Her trilingual abilities, coupled with her passion for mentoring, interpreting students, and caring for her mother, highlight her unwavering dedication to service and community.
Una's character is truly one of a kind – thoughtful, considerate, a defender of justice, and a voice for the marginalized. Her humility, supportiveness, and resourcefulness, from salvaging materials to woodworking, are a testament to her remarkable can-do spirit.
Today, we celebrate Una for the amazing woman you are and your incredible impact across South Texas. Thank you, Una, for your compassion, commitment, and kindness. You are a true inspiration to us all!