Sylvia G

Just do it
Meet Viva Babe Sylvia! She is an amazing Chemical Engineer and High School Teacher! She has taught Engineering and AP Chemistry to high school students for over 25 years! She is smart, fun, engaging, and, most of all, she has a heart of gold.
During the summers, she teaches a course through Project Lead the Way. PLTW is a transformative learning program for both students and teachers. Sylvia's mission is to create a positive lasting impact in the classroom. With her incredible drive and passion, she provides teachers with resources, training, and support to transform and enhance their teaching engagement. Several of those summers she spent alongside a co-teacher, dorm-buddy, turned best friend, Shelly. Shelly nominated Sylvia and shared her words: "She never asks for anything and gives her heart each day to her students, her family, everyone." 
Sylvia's mantra is "Just do it." 
When asked by people how she has been able to teach full time, attend graduate school for engineering, and be Super Mom to her incredible young boys?  
Her reply: "I just do it. And to this day, that's what I do!" 
Congratulations Sylvia! We are so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate and honor all the incredible teaching and love you share. You are an inspiration to the world! Keep being Ridiculously Awesome! And keep Just Doing IT!