Stephanie is the Principal Secretary at a large high school in South Central Texas and was nominated by her friend, Fern. For the last 8 years, she’s been an integral part of the high school's inner workings and goes beyond her role to truly nurture, reassure, encourage, and watch over the students. Fern says, “She is there for every game or activity to support the students. From her sincere care and compassion to her beautiful, natural smile, Stephanie is always someone you can turn to when you need help or answers to questions.” And there have been so many questions over the last few months, but she answers them with a cheerful smile.

Her generosity extends to her community, with leadership roles on a local board, as a cheer coach, as a team mom for Little League teams, as a chaperone for the band, and in multiple other ways. ⁠⠀

Regarding her outlook on life, Stephanie says, “The real phrase that has truly shaped my life and the way I live my life is that my Dad woke up and said every single day, ‘Today is a Great Day!’ Even when he was fighting cancer, he would still wake up and say, ‘Today is a Great Day!’ The phrase and positivity translate to her workday. Stephanie says, “And because I LOVE my job, and LOVE our students, our parents, and our community, I added Rangers (our mascot) to my phrase. So, my phrase every day at work is “Today is a Great Ranger Day!” ⠀

Thank you, Stephanie, for casting joy and kindness on so many! Your school and your community are brighter because of you!