Stephanie G.

Things should happen for our community and not to our community
Congratulations to our newest Viva Babe, Stephanie! Stephanie is a ridiculously awesome woman whose dedication illuminates our Austin community. A proud native Austinite, she tirelessly brings together diverse groups, organizations, and small nonprofits to foster positive change. Her unwavering commitment touches every aspect of our community, from schools to law enforcement, parents, and students, enriching Austin for all.
Over spring break, Stephanie received a fantastic surprise when she walked into a conference room filled with cheers and shakers. Her daughter, husband, and United Way colleagues greeted her, and she was presented with the Viva Babe award and Consuela bags. It was a genuine moment of joy and surprise, marking a milestone in her journey of community service.
Her daughter, Sirena, nominated her for the award, making the moment extra special. Stephanie's dedication as a mother, wife, and professional shines through in every aspect of her life, balancing work, education, and family with grace and determination.
Proud of her culture and heritage, Stephanie boldly embraces her identity as a beautiful Latina woman with vitiligo. Her signature pink colors and flower crowns reflect her vibrant personality, inspiring us all to embrace our uniqueness and overcome adversity.
Stephanie's mantra, "Things should happen for our community and not to our community," reflects her selflessness and genuine care for others.  She values not just giving out a phone number or sharing a resource but genuinely caring for and significantly helping others. She leaves a lasting impact on everyone she meets and makes a difference wherever she goes. 
From overcoming childhood bullying to organizing community events and empowering others, Stephanie's journey is one of resilience and strength. She faces life's challenges head-on, refilling her cup by pursuing her degree and organizing initiatives like National Vitiligo Day to celebrate diversity.
Stephanie, your dedication to improving our community is truly remarkable. Congratulations on receiving the Viva Babe award – it's a well-deserved honor! Here's to many more years of inspiring others and positively impacting our Austin community.