Viva Babe Rhonda is the “backbone of the underdog!” She is beyond kind, unselfish, and ambitious!

Rhonda is the Administrator of two dialysis clinics, lives in Lampasas, Texas, and was nominated by her colleague, Dalice. Dalice says, “I work among doctors and nurse practitioners. However, the most amazing person I know is my Administrator, Rhonda. I first met Rhonda when she was the secretary of the dialysis clinic. She has all the qualities of a great employee: time management, mad office skills, organized, goal-driven, and she is not intimidated no matter how hard the job.”

“She has no college degree, but she is well-versed in life and people in need," Dalice says. "She holds the title of Administrator (normally reserved for someone with a Bachelor's or Master's degree), but she earned that position the old fashion way; She scrapped and struggled her way to be considered. For years she did all the work for others yet never had the credit or the title. She never complained or verbalized the unfairness of the situation. She just did the job and did it well.”

“Over the years of working with her, I have seen her true beauty and calling,” Dalice says. She is the mother of a child with Cystic Fibrosis that passed away at the age of 27. She has survived the death of her son, and she persevered through all the pain and continues to be the strength of others when they have none. She is there for anyone in need. She continues to stay in contact and help any parent of a child with Cystic Fibrosis. She fights for the underdog and puts others before herself.”

“She is as close to an angel as I have ever known.”