Rebecca C

Live life with a purpose and leave a meaningful mark on people's hearts
We are thrilled to welcome Rebecca Clancy as our newest Viva Babe! 
"Service" is her hearts' calling. For 25 years, she has worked for non-profits focusing on early childhood. Following her heart with full trust and genuine compassion. 
On July 1st, 2021, Rebecca became the new Executive Director of the Russell Child Development Center (RCDC). She immediately embraced the team, children, families, and RCDC Mission. It didn't take long for her to start making changes that benefited the staff in amazing ways. She started by setting up one-on-one meetings with each staff member to get to know them individually and RCDC better. She wanted everyone to feel valued and heard. She even created a recognition program called Cheers for Peers! She went as far as changing the parking lot policy and doing away with assigned parking. She delicately combed through the staff handbook and updated policies. Even the dress code got an upgrade! And everyone greatly enjoys wearing jeans to work! 
RCDC employees can be spread out amongst 19 counties and didn't have an inclement weather days protocol in place. The central office could have nice weather, and an office an hour away could have a blizzard. Thanks to Rebecca, they follow the local school closing for inclement weather days! It's been tremendously helpful and efficient. She looks at situations practically and ensures everyone is happy and comfortable with the changes and improvements. Everyone loves and appreciates her!
Nominator and RCDC employee shares: "I greatly appreciate Rebecca and all the positive changes she's brought to RCDC in such a short time. Rebecca arrives early and stays late. Everyone is equally important to her. She takes care of us unexpectedly, like brewing coffee and cleaning up after staff meeting lunches. She's always jumping in to help when something needs to be done. There is no job too big or too small for her. She's always willing to help. Rebecca deserves the "Viva Babe" title because she is selfless, funny, passionate, resilient, strong, kind, and fierce. We are fortunate to have her." 
Put your hands together and celebrate Viva Babe Rebecca with us!! Our hearts beam with joy and gratitude to learn about her and the Ridiculously Amazing things she does for the RCDC organization, the team, children, and families!! Whoop Whoop! 
Rebecca's Mantra: "Live life with a purpose and leave a meaningful mark on people's hearts."