Phyllis S

The church has left the building!
For over ten years, Phyllis has dedicated her time and energy to ensure that people who are without housing in the Waco community don’t go without meals. She knows many of them by name, offering not just food and clothing, but also heartfelt connections. Phyllis’s compassion has created ripple effects of kindness in Waco inspiring Baylor students, churches, and countless volunteers of all ages in the area to join her mission, creating “Journey to the Streets.”
Phyllis's journey began when she first noticed unhoused community members walking through the doors of her small business. Instead of turning them away, she opened her heart and started making meals to share with them. Over time, her efforts grew, and "Journey to the Streets" was born. 
What started out as a small personal effort making 30-40 burritos each Wednesday night has now turned into Phyllis purchasing a trailer with a friend and giving out 130+ free meals monthly. Phyllis's selflessness and unwavering dedication has not only touched countless lives but also inspired a community to join her mission. She embodies the belief that love, empathy, and kindness can change the world.
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Phyllis’s mantra is, “The church has left the building!”