Pamela is an extraordinary counselor who lifts the lives of kids who need love the most. She lives in El Paso, Texas, and was nominated by Ian. Ian says, “Pamela has worked with children, teenagers, and their families for twenty years in an array of capacities. She has provided many services to their families daily, even when not on the clock. She provides groceries, counseling services, transportation, clothes - whatever they may need; she finds creative solutions to any challenge presented.

Sadly, many of her client’s families have experienced various levels of trauma. Ian says, “Some children have survived more life experiences than most adults. Many of the families are not able to afford the types of services they need. Even when they find out that their family does not qualify, Pamela - with her big heart and persistence always manages a way to overcome these obstacles.”

Pamela’s passion for helping the children she serves is evident in her actions; She will drop everything and challenge the status quo to find a solution. Ian says, “She provides the voice children need for them to enjoy life. She works with the clients to learn and practice coping and social skills, ultimately working with them to advocate and empower themselves.”

“Pamela recently accepted her dream job as a clinical counselor at a juvenile probation facility, working from a strengths-based, trauma-informed approach; she plans to pursue a Ph.D. after completing her full licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas.”

Pamela shares her power phrases, ‘I am my ancestors wildest dreams’ and ‘Be who you needed when you were younger.’