We are floored by Nicki's dedication to knowing and loving the people around her - through helping her students feel successful in school and life, and being there for her friends in the hardest moments... meet our newest Viva Babe!!

Nicki is a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology and now the Special Education Coordinator for her campuses. Her friend and nominator Kimberly says-

"She recognizes each child as an individual and honors their unique presence in the world. She's a big fan of Mr. Rogers and sees the world through a similar lens.  As Mr. Rogers himself said, 'We all have different gifts, so we all have different ways of saying to the world who we are.'  This is absolutely how Nicki approaches everyone she meets. She genuinely wants to help everyone shine."

If that wasn't enough, Super Woman Nicki also shows up for her people outside of school. When her friend and nominator Kimberly was going through the hardest moments, she says "Nicki consistently showed up for me as if we had been life-long best friends, keeping watch over me in the most thoughtful, caring, and attentive ways... she would leave a note or a gift on my doorstep to take some of the sting out of a painful day. She checked in on me constantly, made dates with me to keep me company, listened to my heartache, offered wise counsel, and was truly THERE for me in a way I never would have expected."

We all need a friend like Nicki! 

Nicki, we are so glad to know of all the ways you take care of your students and friends. Thank you for brightening the lives around you!