Nicholle M.


Santa Clarita, California

You just have to keep moving forward
A heartfelt congratulations to the extraordinary Nicholle, our newest Viva Babe! Nicholle, you are an absolute inspiration to us all. Your dedication, strength, and resilience shine through in everything you do. What a well-deserved recognition of your incredible journey.
Your life mantra, "You just have to keep moving forward," truly encapsulates your unstoppable spirit. Despite facing numerous challenges, you've not only persevered but thrived. Your son fuels your inspiration, and your selfless nature shines through as you extend a helping hand when you see someone struggling or facing a challenge alone.
Susan, your heartfelt nomination for Nicholle speaks volumes about the remarkable woman she is. Your love and admiration for your daughter are evident in every word. Nicholle's strength, independence, and unwavering commitment to her son are genuinely awe-inspiring. From overcoming obstacles in a foreign country to excelling in academia, she embodies resilience and determination.
Nicholle, your journey from navigating life's curveballs to achieving academic excellence is extraordinary. Your dedication to your education, even amidst a demanding schedule, is commendable. Recently, graduating with a 4.0 GPA and earning the title of Valedictorian is a testament to your unwavering commitment to excellence.
As you embark on your career in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, we do not doubt that you will continue to shine brightly. Your positivity, strength, and boundless compassion make you a true role model. May your Consuela bags remind you of the brightness you bring to the lives of those around you.
Nicholle, you are a beacon of hope and inspiration, and we are beyond proud to celebrate your achievements. Congratulations once again on being named our newest Viva Babe! Here's to many more successes and blessings on your journey ahead.