Natalie P

It’s going to be all right
Our Viva Babe Natalie is A-Ma-Zing! 

We are so thrilled for you to meet her. Natalie's sweet mom Donna nominated her. Donna was filled with so much joy to find out we had selected her incredible daughter to be the next Viva Babe! Why do you ask? Because Natalie is an amazing example of perseverance and courage. Her mother shared that Natalie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the vibrant age of 21, and while they all cried, Natalie smiled. When asked how she could keep smiling, Natalie said, “Why not?’” Natalie’s tremendous faith and selfless love have kept her strong and smiling while navigating many challenges and unknowns. She is always grateful for each day and every opportunity where she can give and receive love.
She is now a thriving 40-year-old amazing woman, doing incredibly well, and is such a joy for so many people!
Natalie’s greatest blessing is her family. She and her husband are raising three amazing children who are 17, 11, and 5.  Natalie also volunteers at her church, helping in every way she can, lending a helping hand to anyone that may need it.
When someone asks how she is, she responds, “I chose to be happy every day!” 
She is such an amazing inspiration to so many! A Superwoman Viva Babe!
Natalie's mantra: “It’s going to be all right.”