Nanci lives in Minto, North Dakota, and was nominated by her husband Mark. Mark says, “My wife is an amazing woman. Every Thanksgiving she provides meals for folks without families or folks that can't leave their homes. During the pandemic, she bundled up toilet paper, Clorox wipes, Kleenex, and canned goods and delivered them to doorsteps. I am the volunteer fire chief in our small town, and she always shows up to help at every community event.”

Nanci remains steadfast in her philanthropic projects, despite a recent setback. Mark says, “Recently she was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. You would think that would slow her down, but quite the opposite. She now has a program called ‘The No Embarrassment Project’ where she bundles up female products, places them in gently used makeup bags, and gives them to pantries, non-profits, and private deliveries. She believes access to these items should be easily available. To date, she had donated over 2000 bags of feminine products and is still going.”

Following her recent surgery to remove the cancer, Nanci says, “I love the way that goodness comes full circle. The day that I found out that I was Cancer FREE is the same day the box from Consuela arrived!”

Nanci leads by example, following her mantra to a T, “Hustle and Heart will ALWAYS set you apart!”