Meredith E

God is Good
Meredith is loving, giving, and resilient! She is married to the love of her life and has two incredible children, 5 and 8 years old. She is also an amazing sister. She and her sister planned to make a difference in the world since they were little girls. And they have!!  
Meredith began her career as a social worker for psychiatric patients. She wholeheartedly devoted herself to this for 17 years. Her sister became an awesome registered nurse! She lovingly practiced for 14 years and always wanted Meredith to be a Nurse with her. But Meredith was very passionate about social work. Together they definitely made a difference in the world. Until one unfortunate day in 2018, her sister was diagnosed with cancer, and with no time left, she passed. Meredith and her family were devastated, shocked, and still healing the pain and grief from such a tremendous loss. However, being a loving social worker, healer, helper, and encouraging human to others, Meredith turned her sadness toward her sister's one and only wish: To become a Nurse. And she has!! YAY 
One can imagine the difficult emotional obstacles and courage it must have taken for Meredith to reach this new goal. But her resilience and strength to honor her sister took her to the top, and she graduated. Not only has she graduated, she recently passed the board exams and is officially a Registered Nurse!  But that is not all! She is now a nurse for the hospital her sister worked at. Everyone there has been so welcoming and excited to meet her. Their hearts are filled with so much joy, knowing that Sister is still there through Meredith. A-MA-ZING
Meredith's nominator, nursing school colleague turned friend for life, said, "I look up to Meredith as an inspiration to just treat people how I want my kids and myself to be treated. To be fully present in everything that I get involved in like she is. Last but not least, to honor my words, as she does."
Words Meredith lives by were often said by her sister: "God is Good."