Melanie lives in Dripping Spring, Texas, and was nominated by her friend, Annie. Annie and Melanie met in church, and Annie says, “I had just finished cancer treatments (at the age of 26) that had left me not knowing if I would be able to have kids.” Annie and her husband froze embryos before her cancer treatment and had to wait 3 years to carry one. The pregnancy was high-risk, given that Annie had undergone radiation. She went into labor at 24 weeks, and tragically their beautiful baby boy lived only 13 hours. “The doctors told me not to try to carry another baby again. I tell you all of that so I can tell you that Melanie was there for me through everything after my treatments were done, the waiting, the hoping, the elation of being pregnant, and the devastation of losing a child. She was there the night I delivered. She sang at my son's funeral.”

“She also told me she wanted me to have a baby that I knew would be healthy,” Annie shared. “She offered to be a gestational carrier for me when I was ready. She offered, I didn't ask or hint. Melanie went through pelvic exams, blood tests, psychological testing, daily injections, and so much more. That was all just to see if she was a good candidate to carry. It worked, and she gave birth to my son, who is today almost 12 years old. Melanie and her husband are his godparents, and he calls them aunt and uncle.”

Melanie shared a couple of Bible verses that compelled her to help Annie and serve as a guide to living her life. One of them is:⁠

“Greater love has no one than this, that one lays down their life for their friend.” ⁠
John 15:13⁠