Marisella is an Air Traffic Controller in San Antonio, Texas, and was nominated by her mom, Cheryl. A veteran of the Air Force, Marisella has worked as an Air Traffic Controller for 19 years, starting this highly stressful job at the age of 18, and has worked her way to lead assistant supervisor. Cheryl says, “Marisella is a woman killing it in a profession dominated by men. As an Air Traffic Controller working in a control tower or a radar center, she is responsible for keeping our air space safe by communicating with pilots in the air and on the ground. She must maintain constant communication with other airport towers and communication centers. Mari has the ability to successfully and quickly work the logistics during in-flight emergencies, using a calm, reassuring, confident voice to safely put planes on the ground.”⁠

In addition to her demanding full-time job, she’s regularly volunteering in her community. Cheryl says, “She volunteers her time at her children’s school, is at their extra-curricular sporting events, and takes time to spearhead donation and contribution efforts for those impacted by injury or illness.”

Marisella leads the way for youth as she ascends via the route less traveled. Cheryl says, “She is an inspiration to all girls and young women considering military service or a career in a male-dominated field.

Marisella shares a career quote that inspires her, “They said I didn’t belong, so I stayed!”