Marian S

Skydive, Give Back, Have Fun
Marian was diagnosed with breast cancer several years back. At the time, she had her own successful small business as a Nail Technician but had no insurance.   The news was undeniably difficult and scary.  But to also be financially strapped, brought on a whole other set of worries.  Luckily, she found a place in Houston, The Rose!  Here she received the help and support to get her through all the required procedures until she successfully fought and beat it!
Ever since that grateful day, she decided she was going to  “give back.”  So she went on and founded Jump for The Rose!!!  This is a SKYDIVING charitable organization!! WOW!!  Since its inception, she has been able to raise thousands of dollars which are donated back to The Rose!  Over the years, it has grown tremendously.  And, she was even chosen as one of Susan Komans' survivors of the year!! 
Her nominator, nail salon client, turned great friend, describes her as: “A loyal, dedicated and wonderful nail tech / non-certified counselor of 28 years!  She has been an amazing friend and support through trials and tribulations of my own. Plus she makes my nails look so pretty. I don’t know where I would be without her!”  
You had us at SKYDIVING for a great cause!!  Congratulations Viva Babe Marian!! You are Ridiculously Awesome!! 
Mission Statement:  "Skydive, Give Back, Have Fun!"