Maria G

Her passion for giving, smiling, and spreading joy has no limits
Maria is a constant source of happiness and an advocate for all people and animals. She is a natural caregiver at heart. 
Currently, she works for the office of a veterinary hospital where her coworkers share: "Maria's personality shines so bright, and her smile is contagious!" She works at the hospital to be close to the animals, filling them with love and support every chance she gets throughout their stay. Previous to that, she spent ten years working and caring for the elderly, where she developed great friendships and created many heartfelt memories.  
On her days off, she just keeps giving! She enjoys volunteering at the Austin Animal Center. When she is there, she gives a lot of hugs and love to all the animals. Then, she helps clean kennels and do all their laundry. The most incredible part is that she does it all with a smile and makes it enjoyable. Oh, have we mentioned she is also known for taking home strays and giving out food and water bottles to the less fortunate?! So Amazing!!
Another beautiful thing she does, and is committed to, is spending one day a week with her mother. She picks her up, takes her to brunch, and runs errands with her. Something her mother is so grateful for. 
Maria's husband and nominator shared: "She is an amazing wife, daughter, friend, neighbor, and work associate. Her passion for giving, smiling, and spreading joy has no limits. She is often referred to as An Angel on Earth. The world could use more Marias."