Lucy is the Founder and CEO of Mary Hall Freedom Village (MHFV) in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and was nominated by Kimberly. From the MHFV website, Lucy grew up surrounded by addiction, losing her mother to alcoholism at age six and later losing two brothers to addiction. Lucy found herself in similar addiction circumstances. Breaking the cycle, she entered treatment, started the road to recovery, and found a passion for helping others; In 1996, she founded MHFV with the mission to empower women, children, veterans, and families to end the cycle of homelessness, addiction, and poverty. Kimberly says, “Lucy is a teacher, mentor, encourager, and friend. She shares her experience, strength, hope, and love each day with women and women with children, who need housing and substance abuse treatment. Lucy works tirelessly, giving of herself to others in need. Lucy is like a shining light that gives hope to others in the storms of life.”⁠

Since its beginning, MHFV has served over 15,000 people. Kimberly says, “Lucy has over 30 years in long-term recovery. Since starting on her journey, she has reached back to help others along the same path. She gives of herself each day without expecting anything in return. It would be awesome if she could be rewarded for her positive gifts to others.”

Lucy, we see you, and we appreciate you for all the remarkable gifts you bestow on so many.

Lucy’s mantra is also the motto of MHFV, “We Will Love You Until You Learn To Love Yourself!”