Lisa lives in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and was nominated by her husband, Jimmy. She’s a wife, a mom, works full-time as a retail General Manager, and in her free time, she lifts the lives of others with her Art Bus. Jimmy says, “She decided a few years ago that she would use her passion for art and helping people to form a one-woman art studio. She formed The Art Bus. Actually, it is a 2014 Ford Focus hatchback but someday it will be a bus.” Lisa says, “Art is good for your soul.” She knew others could use it, but she wasn’t sure where she wanted to go with it.

That changed when a friend of hers introduced her to the Next Step Clubhouse, a special clubhouse for adults with special needs. Jimmy says, “She went to uptown Charlotte and fell in love with the place, the people, and the program.” She visits the Clubhouse every Wednesday morning for art with her friends there. Clubhouse members love painting with Lisa!“The participants are able to produce art for auction at the yearly gala and I think they raised $1000 the first year. The following year with planning, the art auction expanded and went online, and more money was raised. I’m sure next year will be even bigger. She does this while working 50-60 hours a week at her store and caring for our family,” Jimmy says.

Lisa, you are incredible! We’re so grateful you choose to share your talents and your love. The world is a brighter and more colorful place thanks to you.