Leslie is a labor and delivery RN in Vinegar Bend, AL, and was nominated by Charla, Taylor’s mom. Leslie was driving home from the night shift on February 9, 2020, when she spotted a glimpse of smoke. She turned around, and she saw a truck overturned and crushed. Leslie called 911 as she ran to the vehicle and told them there was no way anyone survived.⁠

Charla’s son, Taylor, and his cousin were in that truck. Tragically, Taylor’s cousin did not survive. Taylor was trapped and called out when he heard Leslie talking. Authorities were able to get him out, and he was Life Flighted. For over 3 hours, Leslie held his hand and comforted him.

Leslie, Charla, and Taylor live in neighboring towns but had never met. ⁠

They met for the first time in early August, to surprise and celebrate Leslie as a Viva Babe for her selfless and heroic actions. Charla says, “She is a Blessing and a HERO to us.”

Leslie is a light. She’s a light for Taylor and all of us. Not only for her heroism that day but for her radiating positivity. She loves to smile, and her patients see it. She says, “It makes all the difference in the world. It could change the way someone’s day is going!”