Kylie M.

You'll never regret being kind

Congratulations to our newest Viva Babe, Kylie! Surprised at her favorite spot for chips and queso with her mom and best friend, Kylie's face lit up as she received the Viva Babe award. It was a very sweet moment!


"My daughter Kylie has been my rock," shared her mom and nominator. Having faced the loss of her Dad to COVID-19 in 2021, Kylie's unwavering support for her family has been remarkable. Inspired by this challenging experience, she pursued her dream of becoming a nurse. She completed her schooling and passed her State Nursing exam on the first attempt. Kylie now serves as a clinical, surgical podiatry nurse, dedicating herself to caring for people with diabetes.


Kylie's unwavering belief in the power of kindness, a value she has held dear since childhood, is truly inspiring. Dressing up as a nurse for Halloween since age 5, she finds the most fulfillment in providing comfort and support to those in need. As a new mom, Kylie is determined to instill the importance of kindness in her daughter, recognizing that life's challenges are easier to navigate when met with compassion.


Her life mantra, "You'll never regret being kind," echoes her commitment to making the Waco community a better place, one small act of kindness at a time. Congratulations, Kylie, on this well-deserved recognition! We wish you and your daughter all the best in this new chapter of life.