Kristie C

Live in every moment, laugh every chance you get, and love like no tomorrow
Meet Kristie, a woman of boundless compassion and unwavering dedication! Her journey is a testament to the powerful impact one person can have through love and care. 
In 2020, when her husband, Albert, battled Covid-19 for a month, Kristie made a profound choice. She left her job as a child care worker to be by his side during hospitalization. During the month her husband was in the hospital, she found a way to see him everyday. Kristie never missed dropping off lunch, always making sure Albert had a meal he liked during this trying time. 
In 2022, a tonsillectomy revealed cancer, leading to lymph node removal and a long recovery. Through it all, Kristie remained Albert's rock, offering unwavering support. Albert nominated his wife and shared “I wouldn't be here if she wasn’t there by my side.” 
Kristie's professional career has also been a testament to her passion and strength, as she dedicated herself to helping people, from children to the elderly. Her commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others is truly remarkable. Today we put our hands together to celebrate Kristie’s inspiring selflessness and dedication! Woohoo!!
Kristie’s mantra is “Live in every moment, laugh every chance you get, and love like no tomorrow.”