Kimberly M

The true test of your character is what you do when no one is watching.
Introducing our newest Consuela Viva Babe Kimberly - a dedicated leader, mother, and genuine hero.
Kimberly's journey began with a dream as a teenager when she first envisioned the impactful life she leads today. Her commitment to spreading love has touched the lives of so many in her community. She is currently an active participant in the Lions Club, an organization that focuses on supporting individuals who are blind and visually impaired, with comprehensive eye exams and new glasses.
Kimberly also supports causes like the Battered Women's Shelter and champions "Repurse for Purpose,” a cause she started eight years ago. Alongside her team at Capital City Bank, Kimberly gathers gently used handbags and fills them up with essentials, small treasures, and letters of encouragement - all aimed at sharing hope with other women.
It’s no surprise that in her professional career as a Bank Manager, Kimberly has achieved remarkable success. She’s been recognized with the prestigious Summit Award for Leadership and has consistently ranked as a top performer in her company for four consecutive quarters.
Beyond her professional and charitable work, Kimberly is not just a role model but also a best friend to her daughter. In her daughter’s words, “She’s the backbone of our family.” Kimberly’s love is unwavering, and she never falls short of showing it.
In Kimberly, we find a source of inspiration, a true Consuela Viva Babe who embodies the incredible impact one can have when guided by love, determination, and a commitment to making the world a better place!
One of Kimberly’s favorite quotes is, "The true test of your character is what you do when no one is watching."