Kimberly M

Kimberly McFarland is truly an extraordinary woman. For two decades, she
has devoted herself to working as a therapist, driven by a deep-seated desire to help others, despite having gone through numerous difficult experiences herself.
It wasn't until her daughters were in their late teens that Kimberly opened up to them about her personal story - one of a challenging childhood. Her lovely daughters nominated her and shared that their wonderful mother experienced trauma, heartache, a lot of loneliness, and sadness growing up. 
Thankfully, her life took a positive turn! A social worker came into her life and profoundly impacted her. She set her on a new path of growth and self-discovery. With time, perseverance, and a world of new support, Kimberly went on to earn (WITH HONORS) bachelor's and master's degrees in social work! Whoop-Whoop! 
Since then, she has worked in various challenging environments, including foster care, HIV/AIDS community care, in-patient psychiatric services, and self-contained emotional and behavioral school classrooms. She now also dedicates herself to providing mental health support to those in rural Appalachia, where such services are scarce. WOW! Kimberly has a heart of Gold. 
Join us in celebrating the incredible strength, courage, and amazing contributions of our newest Viva Babe, Kimberly! We are so grateful and honored to provide her with a Ridiculously Awesome Consuelabration!