Kim P

The gym is her home
Kim has been a coach promoting women's athletics for nearly 20 years!  
Throughout the years, she has taught PE from K-12th, coached girls and boys' sports after school, and has been a health teacher and a student advocate. Kim is always there for her community, from taking kids home and finding any support or help, whether food, medical, or shelter. She does all she can to guide and keep them focused, ensuring they get their diploma. One of her sisters says they can't go into a store anywhere around without them running into one of her grateful students. She beams with pride when she sees their success. There are stories of her bringing in final exams the day after a student's mother gave birth so they could graduate! Kim has received many wonderful awards and recognitions. In 2016, she was awarded the Johnston County Employee of the Year for school counselor/graduation coach.  Johnston County schools also presented her with a Leading with the Heart award. She has even been celebrated as Middle School Coach of the Year!  Whoop Whoop! 
Athletics really do teach so many valuable lessons—everything from team collaboration and bonding to work ethic, self-confidence, and compassion. A couple of years ago, the focus shifted to Kim as she battled breast cancer. Everyone was there to cheer her on and give her hope, as she had always done for others. With courage, she fought and won the battle! Now, with so much gratitude, she is back on the court. She is coaching female athletes who have always had a special place in her heart. Kim is very passionate and encourages girls to participate and always give their all. They may not always win, but these girls get valuable life lessons, and those are the best of Wins!! 
"The gym is her home." ~ Nominator (One of four very loving close sisters).  
Congratulations, Coach Kim! You are an incredible winner and the most Ridiculously Awesome Coach ever!!