Katie lives in Austin, Texas, and was nominated by her friend, Alisa. Alisa says, “She was the most incredible teacher and my mentor during my graduate year at Trinity University. Sadly, she lost her mother, as did I. Instead of wallowing in all that was lost, she decided to take a tour of every major league baseball stadium in the country AND write a book about it. ‘It's called "A Season with Mom: Love, Loss, and the Ultimate Baseball Adventure.’ How can I not be inspired by someone who was determined to do all of these things like a life checklist and then actually fulfill them all?”

Not only did cancer impact Katie’s mom, but Katie is a cancer survivor, and Alisa is currently fighting her own battle. “Reading page by page of her book, you can hear her, you can easily get inspired, and cry a few tears of both sadness and joy! Katie deserves to be recognized just for existing in our world,” Alisa says.

Alisa was truly inspired by her mentor Katie and was moved to nominate her even though they haven’t seen each other in over 20 years.

Katie says, “This honor is a reminder to me about how your actions today can impact people for years to come. Choose kindness and love. It endures.”