Karolina Q.

We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do
Let's clap it up and congratulate Karolina for being recognized as our newest Consuela Viva Babe! Karolina is an amazing woman and a dedicated stepmom and mom to all five of their kids. Her selflessness knows no bounds, as she always puts others before herself. Her fiancé, Salomon, nominated her for this incredible honor, and it's truly well-deserved.
For the past two Christmases, Karolina has bought gifts for all the children in the Ranch in Mexicaltzingo de Los llanos, Puebla, Mexico, where her fiancé is from, instead of indulging in some gifts for herself. With about 30 kids to shop for, ranging from newborns to fourteen-year-olds, she ensured each child had a special gift to open on Christmas morning. Her generosity and compassion shine through, inspired by her Colombian heritage; her parents and friends spread joy annually to children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in their community.
Karolina's kindness extends beyond holidays. As a Program Coordinator at A Graduate Medical Education College, she guides and supports 77 undergraduate students annually, helping them gain research experience crucial for their Medical/Graduate school journeys. She goes above and beyond by creating fun social events, even staying by a student's side during emergency surgery, showing the same care she desires for her kids. And her impact doesn't stop there - she continues to stay in contact with 25 students who've gone on to become doctors, with two now neurosurgeons who've reciprocated her kindness during her family's challenging times.
This recent surprise, with the Viva Babe Award and Consuela bags, brought joy to Karolina's eyes during their family breakfast on Christmas morning. It's a beautiful testament to her unwavering kindness and the love she pours into everything she does. Karolina, your dedication to others is truly inspiring, and we're so proud to celebrate you as our newest Viva Babe!
Karolina's favorite quote: "We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do."- Mother Teresa