Jo Ann L.P

Let us never consider ourselves finished, nurses. We must be learning all of our lives
Let's take a moment to applaud and celebrate our newest Viva Babe Jo Ann, a true force of inspiration and dedication in the Raymondville community. Jo Ann's journey is extraordinary, marked by resilience, compassion, and a relentless commitment to serving others.
Starting as a Surgical Tech, Jo Ann, a single mother of three boys, didn't let anything hinder her aspirations. She embarked on a remarkable journey, graduating from UTRGV with a Bachelor's in Nursing. Her drive and passion led her to a high-paying nursing role at the hospital, but Jo Ann felt a calling to do more for the future of her community.
Jo Ann seized the opportunity when offered the position of District Healthcare Director by the new Superintendent. She initiated the Nursing Education program, witnessing its phenomenal growth – graduating 40 CNA nurses in the first year alone. Establishing partnerships and breaking barriers, she proudly graduated the first-ever Associate degree students from her program in collaboration with Coastal Bend College.
Then came the challenge of COVID-19. In the hardest-hit region of South Texas, Jo Ann's innovative plan ensured the safety of children and adults alike. She transformed her school into the first COVID-19 school-based vaccination center in South Texas,
vaccinating over 10,000 people, including prisoners and the elderly in their homes. Her efforts significantly curbed the death toll in the area, making schools safer than ever with the implementation of a Reverse Ionization system.
Even amid the pandemic, Jo Ann supported hospitals, treating COVID-19 patients during her breaks and vacations. In 2021 and 2022, she continued her mission, organizing school-based vaccine clinics and Health Fairs to keep the community safe and informed.
The impact of Jo Ann's work has now culminated in the establishment of a full-service clinic within the school, offering FREE healthcare to students and staff – a pioneering initiative in Texas. Looking ahead, Jo Ann and the district are tirelessly working towards bringing a school-managed hospital to the community, addressing a critical need that has persisted for 40 years.
Jo Ann, you are a shining example of resilience, leadership, and unwavering dedication. The Raymondville community is immensely fortunate to have you, and we celebrate your outstanding achievements and the ridiculously awesome impact you've made on countless lives.
Jo Ann's favorite quote: "Let us never consider ourselves finished, nurses.  We must be learning all of our lives." Florence Nightingale