Jennifer S.M

Use your voice
Join us in celebrating Jennifer, our remarkable newest Consuela Viva Babe! We are thrilled to share the extraordinary story of Jennifer, a true survivor and now the well-deserved Consuela Viva Babe Award recipient! "For years, I've admired Jennifer's resilience, and today, we celebrate her strength, courage, and unwavering commitment to using her voice to inspire others," shared her husband, who nominated her.
Jennifer's journey began with a traumatic event at the age of eight, a kidnapping that left her for dead in a field in Dickinson, Texas. Despite the odds, she not only survived but found her voice, defying doctors' predictions that she would never speak again. Her life's purpose became clear—to use her voice as a powerful tool for healing and advocacy.
In 1990, Jennifer's case went unsolved, but her determination never wavered. Nearly two decades later, advancements in DNA technology led to the arrest of her attacker in October 2009. Although he took his own life before facing justice, Jennifer emerged victorious, declaring herself not a victim but a survivor. Her resilience and determination to seek justice have inspired countless others facing similar challenges.
"Use your voice" is not just a mantra for Jennifer; it's a way of life. For the past 14 years, she has traveled across the USA and Canada, sharing her story at law enforcement conferences and on national TV shows like The Today Show, 48 Hours, and Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel shows. Her message is clear: never give up hope, speak out, and empower others to do the same.
Jennifer's impact extends beyond her personal story. She motivates survivors of crime and professionals working in crimes against children to break the silence and seek justice. Her advocacy has touched thousands of lives, and her ability to turn a negative experience into a positive force is genuinely inspiring.
Let's celebrate Jennifer's resilience, strength, and advocacy as she becomes the newest member of the Consuela Viva Babe community. Thank you, Jennifer, for reminding us all of the power of using our voices for healing, inspiration, and positive change!